Add Color to Your Head Covering this Spring!

Try out a new color this spring! And feel good 'bout how you look!

Try out a new color this spring! And feel good ’bout how you look!

Did you ever wonder if you should add a little more color to your wardrobe. But were worried about how exactly to do so? Maybe you weren’t sure if a particular color suited you and so you just stuck with the tried and true?

If that’s the case, try adding a pop of color to your head covering and see how it goes!

It used to be that women wore all types of snoods and headcoverings – in lots of plaids, prints, and paisley designs. Then styles changed and solid was in. Black, Navy, Brown. Nice basic boring colors. But now we see the trend going lighter, springier, floral and patterned. And oh, what fun it is!

But if you are still too shy to try going all out with color, you can start with a basic solid headcovering such as beret or pretied headscarf with a little colored applique on it. Then, go from there and see where your style takes you this season!


4 Different Ways to Wear a Beret

Berets are great as fashionable head accessory, a modest head cover, or for hair loss. They are made with different types of fabrics such as cotton, wool or angora, all which are soft and comfortable to wear. They can also be found in many different colors, patterns and styles for different occasions from casual to dressy.
A beret can be worn as a full head covering with no hair showing. This makes it an ideal head covering for women with hair loss due to chemo or alopecia, and also for those who cover their hair for tzniut – modesty.

Beret full head covering

Another stylish way to wear a beret is perched at an angle on the head like a painter or an artist. It has a classy look and can add the finishing touches to that chic outfit. Smile daintily and wait for compliments.

Beret Painter style
Looking for some spunk? Try this style beret for some funk! It’s easy! Just simply tuck the back of your hair into the beret and leave the front hairs showing. Great way to cover up for a bad hair day! The secret’s between me and you! ;)

Beret spunk style
Here is another hot way to wear a beret. Let your hair loose and secure the beret on top of your hair on the crown part of your head. Let the beret hang down for a cool look. Now fly with the wind like a free bird! Bobby pins can help you keep your beret in place for looking good all day long.

Beret loose style
So, what’s your favorite way to wear a beret?

Cover Your Head with Comfort and Style!

Always wished to wear a beautiful hat but not enough coverage for you? Try adding an Israeli tichel!

Here’s how, first you need to choose a tichel that you would like to wear.  Best to use a soft cotton one for added comfort. Then, tie it how you’d wear it.

Next, put the hat you want to wear on top of the headscarf and you are simply transformed into a new look.

You can use different tichels and different hats for all types of occasions and to match assorted outfits, the beach, party or every day!

Look great. Feel great. You are great!

The Greatest Ear Muff Parade!

The highlight of Chester Greenwood Day is the parade.

The highlight of Chester Greenwood Day is the parade.

In 2013 we blogged about Chester Greenwood, a 15 year old grammar school dropout who invented the earmuffs to keep his ears cozy while ice skating. His cold ears, coupled with an entrepeneural spirit led him to patent his invention in 1877. By 1936, the year before his death his factory was producing more than 400,000 earmuffs yearly.


Greenwood’s Ear Protector Factory provided ear warmers to the soldiers during World War I. In addition to keeping many ears warm in the winter, his factory, located in Farmington, Maine boosted the economy and provided jobs to many a family. Every year in December the town of Farmington celebrates “Chester Greenwood Day” in honor of his birthday.


The highlight of Chester Greenwood Day is the parade in which local police cruisers are decorated with giant earmuffs. Anyone can join in the parade…as long as you are wearing your own pair of muffs!

Wear a Headcover to Keep you Warm this Winter

keep warm image

Keeping your head covered is one way to beat Mr. Winter.

Let’s face it. The cold weather is here. And as much as we try to stay warm and cozy in our heated homes and cars, there is the inevitable going outside and bracing ourselves for that rush of cold air.

Keeping your head covered is one way to beat Mr. Winter. Try a warm winter cap and your feelings about the winter will definately change. You may find that you even start loving that morning chill!


Many women find berets extremely comfortable for winter. In addition to being a stylish headcover, slouchy berets can keep your warm. And if it gets really cold, you can pull the beret over your ears and stay nice and toasty!


For those of you who wear a pretied headscarf, a velour pretied bandana is a great option for the colder weather. The soft fabric looks great and this is an ideal headcover for indoors and out.


So no matter if you chose a pretied bandanna, a thicker headscarf,  a warm hat or knit beret, keeping your head covered will definitely keep you warm!

Fashionable Hair Accessories to protect against the Elements

Windy Hairstyle

It can change your whole look from wind-swept to chic in one easy second

Chilly mornings that turn into fair windy days. Oh, and lots of rain interspersed as well. When dealing with the elements, there are certain hair accessories that you can put in your hair to make certain that your hair looks great no matter the weather.

A wide headwrap is a look-altering hair piece. It can change your whole look from wind-swept to chic in one easy second. It is a great hair accessory to carry in your purse when the weather gets wild. It can be worn with long or short hair, and can be spread out wide like a wide band for maximum coverage, or folded or scrunched up for a thinner sleeker headband look.

Another great item to keep on hand in your glove compartment is a jaw clip. A jaw clip is a great hair clip that can also make an instantaneous updo out of wind blown hair.

And dont forget the practical pony holder. I keep pony holders all over. On doorknobs, in my purse, in the cup holder of my car. You never know when you will need a pony for you or a child so I try to keep them handy for those moments when the elements are having fun with my hair!

And for when the forcast predicts rain, a womens hat can keep your hair neat and your head dry. Chic cloches, fashionable fedoras or beautiful berets! There are enough rainy days on the forcast to allow you to try all these fashionable head covers!

What to look for when buying a Winter Glove

winter gloves

A warmer option is a glove that has conductive material in the thumb and index finger tips to you can use your device as regular

Winter gloves are a practical item that you can really have fun with. When buying a winter glove there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, what are you using it for. Gloves can be used for anything from making snowballs to driving a car. You’ll want to have the right one on hand (no pun intended) for whatever your plans are this winter.


Winter Sports:

If you are looking for a great glove for winter sports, you will want to find a glove that is warm and waterproof. Look for a thermal glove to keep your hands warm such as polyester lined with fleece. And make sure it says waterproof, if you don’t want to have to keep changing pairs as the day goes on.

If you have kids it is important to have a thermal and waterproof pair for each before the start of a snowy season for the inevitable snow day!



Driving requires its own special kind of glove. Do you know the feeling of driving in a cold car before the car heats up and gripping that freezing steering wheel. If you answered yes, then you really need a pair of driving gloves. It is important that driving gloves have a good grip so you can hold the steering wheel securely. Especially in inclement weather. I like a light pair of gloves at all times so these magic gloves with grips work well for me, however another good option for driving is leather gloves which also have a fantastic grip – just like skin.



If you just can’t go 4 feet without your phone, then there are two options for you. The first would be fingerless touchscreen gloves, which are really just like regular gloves only the tip of the thumb and index finger are cut off. This is the best option as far as being able to use your device, however a warmer option is a glove that has conductive material in the thumb and index finger tips so you can use your device as regular.


Cold Weather/Fashion:

There are so many kinds of gloves out there – from fashion chenille gloves in a rainbow of colors to leather gloves, to gloves with decorations, buckles and more. If you are looking for a glove this winter, shop around and find a glove that fits your budget, style and needs.


Keeping your hands warm is the first step to staying healthy this winter. So protect yourself, keep warm and enjoy the snowy season!