The Head Covering Wardrobe Part I

Large White Terry Pre-tied Bandana

Large White Terry Pre-tied Bandana

You might be wondering what the title of this post means. What’s a Head Covering wardrobe?

Well, really the question is: Why do Head Coverings tend not to last as long as we expect them to?

Part of the solution to the aforementioned problem is that it’s time to start paying more attention to your head covering “wardrobe”. What head covering are you wearing, and when are you wearing it.

That brings us to the topic of our current featured product: Terry Pre-Tied Bandanas

You may have wondered why are we featuring Terry Pre-Tieds?  Why not pick one of our more trendy products?

The answer is because Terries are really a great product that no one knows enough about.

Terry Pre-Tied Bandanas are not just good for when you’re coming out of the shower or pool, even though they are way more comfortable than wrapping a towel around your head.

Many women will wear their dressier, or simply preferred Pre-tied even when they have wet hair without realizing they are in essence shortening the life expectancy of their favorite head covering!

Terries are designed for Wet Hair, they thrive on Wet hair! Cotton Pre-tieds or Crochet Snoods do not (Unless you want to stretch them out, but thats a topic for a different post)

All this means that by wearing Terry Pre-tieds when your hair is wet you can lengthen the life of your other head coverings saving you lots of cash!

We have terry Pre-tied Bandanas in a choice of colors such as the Black Terry from DaCee or the Blue Terry Head Cover from Uptown or The Large White Terry from Its Younique.

So, what do you think about Terry Pre-tied Bandanas?


2 thoughts on “The Head Covering Wardrobe Part I

  1. I bought a terry pre-tied recently and I don’t know how I managed before without it! It’s really comfortable and just the most practical and useful pre-tied to invest in!

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