The Head Covering Wardrobe Part II: Sleep

Cotton Blend Snood by Rose Enterprise

Cotton Blend Snoods: Great for Sleep!

As we continue our discussion of what you can do to make your head coverings last longer, we turn to another source of frequent wear and tear on women’s headcoverings, and in a word it is ….


Yes, you got it. While  sleep is relaxing and rejuvenating for you as a person. For your snood, or  pre-tied bandana or any headcovering for that matter it’s not so much!

There are many women who cover their hair even when sleeping. Unfortunately, headcoverings worn  when you sleep tend to undergo unnecessary wear and tear.

In light of the above mentioned problem it’s recommended that you designate a different headcovering for sleeping time than the ones you use for daily wear.

Now, when choosing a “sleep head covering”, comfort and durability are the top priorities.

We have found that the Cotton Blend Snood from Rose Enterprise  is the one headcovering that really fits the bill for this purpose.

Since it’s made out of cotton it’s quite cool and comfortable while at the same time cotton blend Snoods are quite durable and great quality.

The comfort of this particular snood makes it ideal for more than just sleeping in. Many women complain that Snoods and other Head Coverings are too tight and stuffy to wear when they are cooking or working in a hot Kitchen.

The answer to this as well is: Go Cotton Blend!

The comfort is great and they have room to “breathe”.

For more info on the cotton blend snood you can check out the product info page at!

Incidentally, there are a women who cover their hair for “tznius” modesty reason who are really particular that their hair always be covered completley even when sleeping., Yet they have an issue that the haircovering keeps slipping. One great solution we heard was from a woman who like complete dark when she sleeps.

What did she do?

She pulled her haircovering over her eyes! Complete dark and no slippage!


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