The Head Covering Wardrobe Part III: Crochet Snoods – More Than You Think.

Why devote a whole post to Crochet Snoods?

Well, these hair snoods  are the most misunderstood items in the wardrobe of  women’s headcovering’s.

What are some of the common misconceptions out there about snoods?

First off many women are under the impression that a crochet snood’s are all one and the same, there are just  not that many choices out there.

Big misconception.

The wide range of patterns and styles that are available in crochet snoods is in unbelievable.

Of course there are the basics in the crochet snood department, what we call “the bread and butter of crochet snoods” which is really the basic classic crochet which is really a great full coverage covering and can be worn for either casual or formal wear.

A “newer” style  crochet snood which has quickly become one of the hottest selling crochets  ( our last shipment sold out in under a month!) Is the Pearl Crochet Snood, the textured ribbon like weave with a slight sheen gives this snood a more sporty and younger look which has made it a really popular crochet.

If ypou want to go really trendy, theres the Chenille crochet snood. This snood is available in tons of colors  and is as “in” a womens haircovering as it gets!

I think we’ve dispelled the notion that there is a lack of variety in the “crochet snood’ department so now let’s move on to…..

Misconception #2

“Crochet Snoods have no life, no real color”

Nothing can be further from the truth then this wide spread  misconception. Aside from the wide range of colors that Crochets are available from Baby Blue to Maroon to Black there are a range of Crochet Snoods that are made in a number of unique and lively Designs.

Another example of a really unique snood with personality is  the Beaded Crochet Snood this crochet is currently  available in three colors Black, Brown, and Grey. The beads turn this basic crochet snood into a really fun and unique headcovering!

Okay I think we cleared up a couple of the basic misconceptions so take another look maybe you’ll fall in love with  crochet snoods!


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