The Head Covering Wardrobe Part IV: How to decide which is the best Crochet Snood for you.

Crochet Snoods

Crochet Snoods

Many people get scared off of crochet snoods because they find them a bit scary. How do you decide which is the best crochet snood for you? Should you get long or short… lined or unlined… with a band or without a band?

In this post will try our best to help you decide.

First off let’s discuss linings. Most Crochet Snoods come with a choice – you can get them with a lining or without.

At first thought, there are two great benefits to an unlined crochet snood, a) it has less material so it’s cheaper b) it’s automatically lighter and airier then a lined snood.

Well, if the above is true why indeed would anyone choose a lined snood?

First off there’s the winter/summer thing. Many women choose an unlined snood for the summer but comes winter they want that extra layer to keep them warm so they choose a lined snood.

Next up in the decision making process of lined vs. unlined is the reason you’re covering.

For women covering due to hair loss, usually a Lined Crochet Snood is recommended since the scalp will show through an Unlined Snood.

For women covering up due to religious requirements it’s slightly more complicated.

For women with light colored hair such as blond or red wearing an unlined dark colored snood,the snood will either not last at all or have a very short lifespan since the hair will show through and as you wear the snood and it stretches, more and more will show. The same holds true for someone with dark hair wearing a light colored snood.

However if a women has dark hair i.e dark brown or black, the hair will blend in with a dark colored snood and not show through.

Now that we covered linings let’s move on to bands.

First off, irrespective of anything else many women prefer the look of a crochet snood with a band (it frames a womens face very nicely) over one without – it’s really a matter of taste.

Another thing about bands are that they give the impression that the snood lays further back on the head- a great plus for women with low hairlines.

There are different types of bands on crochet snoods.

There’s the crochet band which is a flat band made by putting another string of elastic around 1 inch behind the rim, or the castle band which is an extra piece of crochet fabric doubled over in the front (castle band snood, azhur knit snood & pearl snood with band all have castle bands).

Now let’s talk about Length,

How does a woman decide which snood length is best for her?

Well you really do want a snood that looks right on your head. If you have a small face, you don’t want a snood that overwhelms your face, and if you have a fuller face, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a beret.

Here’s the rundown on snood lengths.

The longest is the Belgium knit long. After which comes the Azhur knit – slightly longer than any other crochet snood, The regular Belgium knit and the fineknits and pinwheels make up the middle of the range with the pearl snood coming in shortest – with the least stretching as you wear it. Adding a band to any snood also increases it’s length so the fineknit with band is longer than the plain fineknit.

Also if you have a really small face or just prefer a shorter snood you can try what’s called a “short snood” basically it’s the 10.5 inch diameter beret– Called large because even though its opening is the same as any beret it has more fabric allowing it to be worn as a short snood.

All right I think we’ve given you some more info on Crochet Snoods. Now we’ll let you in on the most important tidbit when it comes to picking a crochet snood for you…

Have fun!

 There’s no need to stick to one snood.  I personally wear the pearl with lining, the castle band without lining, the fineknit with band with lining, the pinwheel with lining, and the regular Belgian knit and I love them all!


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