The Revolutionary WiGrip

Milano WiGrip Comfort Band

“My pre-tied bandana slips off my head”

“The clips on my wig are pulling out my hair”

“How do I keep my wide headband from sliding”

“I need to tie my head scarf so tight to keep it from falling off that it gives me a headache”

For years there was no solution to the very real concern of women wearing head covers, including wigs, pre-tied tichels, and all other types of headscarves How do we stop the slip?

Enter Milano Wigs with their revolutionary product: the WiGrip Comfort Band.

The WiGrip is a small strip of crushed velvet fabric that you wear as a headwrap under any hair covering and it holds the headcovering firmly in place. It is thin and lightweight, and you don’t feel like you are wearing anything. There is a velcro closure at the bottom and it is adjustable one size fits all.

A great thing about the comfort band is that it works on bald heads as well so it’s great for women dealing with hair loss.

I tried on a wig grip for the first time with a print pre-tied bandana and I couldn’t beleive how well it worked. My headcovering wouldn’t budge from the exact spot I put it on. I was concerned how it would appear under the thin lycra fabric, but it was unnoticeable.

Try out the WiGrip by Milano… you’ll be glad you did!


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