Family Life Episode 1

It’s getting cold out there and the economy ain’t really getting that much better. We know it can get pretty gloomy out there so we decided that we might as well do our part in lighting things up.

In this Spirit is proud to present an occasional feature that spotlights the humorous part’s of Family Life, the  funny things that happen that brighten up our lives, and make our day’s easier to get through. All humorous episodes are presented with no harm or damage intended (Just as when our kid’s try to mop up the carpet).

House Calls

It was not so long ago that  doctors that used to make house calls. Basically that meant instead of the harried parents rushing out to see the Doctor in his spotless office. The harried doctor got to come see the patient in his natural unspotless habitat.

One time Doctor B. cmae to check up on a young father. He examined the patient in his living room while his wife tended to her young brood outside. After a while he came out of the living room and confronted the mother with a worried look on his face.

Mrs C, He said. Your husband does’nt look to good.

I know. She replied, However he’s nice to the kids.



One thought on “Family Life Episode 1

  1. love it! love it! love it! Keep up the great work. You’re website is amazing and fills a real void for us head covering ladies!

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