Family Life: Things Kids Say

Here’s some background on me. When I was single I was not exactly the worlds most careful driver and my car insurance company won’t let me forget that. However once I got married I decided that it was time to turn over a new leaf and with some struggle’s I have come to believe that i have thankfully been successful.

That’s until one day last week.

When bringing my 4 year old daughter to school, we passed a police car. My daughter scram out from the back “Daddy right we can’t take off our seat belt’s or the policeman will give us a ticket”.

“That’s right’ i ansewered. pleased as punch at this obvious example of my great parenting skills in action.

Then we pulled up at the nursery and my daughter turned to me and said quite innoccently “Daddy right the police man did’nt give us a ticket because we were going so fast”.

Me think’s it’s time to start over.


2 thoughts on “Family Life: Things Kids Say

  1. We were trying to explain to our son, that although adults ask children their age, it is not polite for children to ask adults their age. To clarify we told him that once someone is out of school, you can’t ask their age.
    A few month later, on the first day of summer vacation our son asked ‘am I out of school?’. Yes, we told him. “Oh”, he exclaimed “so now noone can ask me mu age”.

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