Winnong The Lotto…for Real by B.Levi

I know that this series is supposed to be a humor series,  but I just came across a story I just had to write about.

You know how every one always dreams abut what they would do if they won the lottery?

Well check this out.

An elderly retired couple in Nova Scotia, Canada won the lottery to the tune of 11.2 million dollars.

Well, what did Allen and Violet Large do with their winnings?

They gave charity, lots of charity.

In fact they gave the entire sum away to charity!

That’s right over 11 million dollars!

In interviews Allen and Violet (who had just completed chemo treatments) stated they had all they wanted and you can’t buy happiness. In fact Violet said that giving all that charity had made her feel better.

As they said, they already had the important things in life….Each other.

Sometimes it’s stories like these that we should keep in mind. So that when the mornings rough or we feel down we remember the important things in life.

I figured this was a great story for the Family Life series.

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