Family Life: Baby’s in the Kitchen.

Hi Everybody.

For the next inastallment of the series we would like to discuss floors.

When we redid our kitchen we decided that we would definetly not be putting in ceramic floors. We had all set of dishes that cracked one at a time on ceramic floors.

However at the same time we did not want to put in Linoleam.

So what to do?

Well we found this expensive tile that was a mixture of ceramic and linoleum so it had the durabilty of ceramic but not the hardness.

We decided to splurge and put it in.
Well for a while it worked pretty well our little boy (16 months kept trying but no matter how many dishes he threw on the floor, non broke.

Finally one day he took a Pyrex bowl and Threw it down and crack!.
It was all over the place! A pyrex container!

And boy was our son pleased with himself. He finally succeaded.

But the kicker was my husband.

As I was on the floor sweeping up the shards.

He walked in took in the scene and with a big smile on his face said, “That’s my boy, he never gives up’!.

Me? I finally realized, I really have to get a gate for the kitchen.

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