Hats: Part I: Variety, Style and Practical all rolled up in one!

Okay since we are MyHeadcoverings.com we figured we ought to put up a post about the most famous and common of womens headcoverings – Hats!
All Hats have the great benefit of no tying or fiddling necessary; you just put it on and your ready to go


Womens Hats are incredible and there are lots of different types and styles of hats catering to different tastes, needs and budgets.
1) First off there’s the Basic practical Beanie or Kippah Hat. These Hats are great for any number of things. 1) for women who wish to protect their hair from the wind 2) Add a touch of warmth on a cold winter day 3) Wearing a “Hat Fall” style wig 4) Women covering up for religous purposes use these Beanies as a full coverage hair coverings.
Want a tip? For a touch of extra style fold up the front and change the look!
We carry Cotten Crochet Beanies in Five Great Colors, Check ’em out!

Cotton Collapsable Hat

2) the Basic Cotton Collapsable Hat, These hats are great for the on the go woman who wants a headcovering for any reason religous purposes, hair loss, or a bad hair day. The Cotton Collapsable offers mnore “air” and breathing room then the Beanie and has a different more sophisticated look. The great thing about collapsables is just that….they are collapsable or cruchable making them really easy to carry along.
Tip: If you want the comfort and ease of a cotton Collapsable but a touch more style try our Cotton Collapsable Hat with Detail You’ll love it.

Dressy Hat with Flower

3) Dressy Hats: Okay you want the ease of a hat but something that’s really nice for special occasions or a “Shabbat Hat” try the Dressy Hat with Flower. It’s a really stunning piece and it’s made from a combo of ribbon and horsehair meaning that it’s very durable but light as a feather giving your hair “air to breath”. Technically This hat is crushable as well but it’s not recommended because of the wire running through the brim.

Wide Brim Hat

4) Casual and Fun: Want something that’s casual, fun and a bit sporty? Try the Wide Brim Hat it has a really casual look and is made out of “pulp” so you can essentially treat it like a piece of paper bending and twisting it and it will always get back it’s original shape. But dont worry while it’s made from pulp so it’s also really light it wont disintegrate in the rain! Paper Hats come in all styles so we have the casual Woven Hat that’s a great basic as well as the Gemstone Hat for dressier occasions.

All right, We covered some of our Hats, stayed tuned for Parts Two & Three where we’ll cover some more facts you just gotta know about Hats!


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