Hats: Part II: Top 10 Reasons to Wear a Hat

More on Hats!

In the last post we wrote about many of the different style hats available on MyHeadcoverings.com from beanies to straw hats to dressy hats and more. That’s all very nice and dandy, but first many of you are wondering why would I want to wear a hat?

Here are the top 10 reasons we came up with.

1- You just spent $30 getting your hair done and as you step outside…it starts to rain. Good thing you’ve got a hat!

2- It’s a stunning day at the beach but the last thing you want is a painful sunburn as a souvenier. With a wide brim beach hat you’re good to go.

3- Bad hair day no longer means looking terrible. A hat makes a great fashion statement.

4- And don’t forget about winter either, Hats keep you warm by preventing your body’s heat from escaping.

5- You’re meeting your long lost cousin at the airport and need a way to find each other. Neither of you want to stand there holding up signs, so you opt for a flavorful hat instead!

6- It’s windy outside and your long hair is impossible. Just stick on a hat and enjoy the breeze!

7- Hats add height to shorter people. And it’s way more comfortable than heels.

8- Hats add personality to your outfit and can make the change from blah to fab!

9- Hats are great for women who cover for religious reasons.

10- Hats are also an excellent choice for women who are dealing with hair loss.


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