Hats: Part III: How to Choose a Hat


Hat/Beret with Chiffon Flower

So, you’re all ready to start with hats, after all, the selection on MyHeadcoverings.com is just too irresistable, but where to start?

The first thing to do is to choose a hat that will look good on your head. If you have a large head, choosing a small styled hat obviously just won’t cut it. Same for a very large hat on someone with a small head. If your head and frame is bigger, go with a bigger hat, you can handle it, and if you have a smaller head and frame, find a hat that’s good for you. The point to keep in mind is balance. Size is not the only thing that matters though, look at the brim and the crown of the hat as well.

 If you are very narrow, a wide brim will make you look even narrower, however it will look great on someone broad. And as for the crown (the top part of the hat) go with something to offset your height. If you are short you can wear somthing with a little height but never go to an extreme. Like we said before, balalnce is the key here!

And it gets more fun! The color of the hat should match your complextion. If you are pale, stay away from black, red or other bold colors.

And last but definately not least, pick a hat that goes with the occasion – and your clothing as well! I’ll never forget the lady in the bright pink hat with the red dress!

Here are some of our favorite picks:

Beret/Hat with Chiffon Flower -Perfect for the small to average size face this hat has no brim and can also look like a beret or short snood

Collapsable Cotton Hat with Detail -a great average sized hat with a small brim and crown that sits on the head. It has some height but doesn’t add inches to you making it a great choice for average-tall women. 

Gemstone Hat -Another cloche styled hat for the average-tall woman of all builds. The brim gently curves out making smooth lines and a great hat!

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