The Top Reasons why Women Wear Headcovers

Head Covers

Head Covers

The really is a diverse array of  Women’s Headcoverings in fact they are just as diverse as the many different reasons why a woman would wear one.

We figured we’d put together a short list of the many different reasons why women cover their hair and to make things interesting we decided to throw in some tips on how to look for a head covering dependant on your reason for covering.

1)      Bad Hair Day- a universal reason – You spend the night tossing and turning. When you wake up in the morning after tossing on  all night long your hair is a wreck. With no time to style this morning voila! Whip out your head covering and your ready to go and no one is any the wiser to the mess under the “cover”.

If this is your reason for covering then we suggest that you keep choose something simple that doesn’t take much time but still is a pretty complete cover like a hat or Pre-tied Bandana they only take a second to put on, don’t require any tying and are pretty comfortable as well.

2)      Sunny Days– Another top reason is simple “keep the sun out of my eyes. Obviously if this your reason for covering, then make sure to chose something that is both cool, like a straw or straw like hat, and comfortable as well comes equipped with a brim something like our wide brim hats or caps.

3)      Religious Reason– If your covering up for religious purposes (tznius) then in many cases and the point is not to have your hair showing through, which means you’re looking for a full coverage cover up, then stay away from anything that’s made of chiffon since usually it wont do the trick. A Crochet Snood with a lining is great for this purpose.

4)      Keep your hair in place– You don’t usually cover and the sun is not out but you just had your hair made and don’t really want it flapping all over the place especially in your eyes. Well in this case you really don’t even need a standard headcover. You can try a wide pretied soft headband or a whats known as a “boho style headband”to do the trick.

5)      Chemotherapy– One of the unfortunate side affects of chemo is hair loss. As a woman bravely battles disease she wants to maintain her dignity and look. Women who are looking for a headcoveering to help them deal with cancer are best off staying away from gray fabrics, try looking for something towards the brighter side as it will help bring out “color”.  Also stay away from polyester fabrics as they are itchy and  not comfortable on the scalp.

6)      Hair Loss– Besides for Chemo there are women who lose their hair from alopecia or trichotillomania. Many women suffering from Hair loss from any cause and want to enjoy the benefits and comforts of a Pre-tied Bandana chose “pre-tieds with height” as they give off a more natural look. Another way to go if you are looking for something that will give off height is “Classic Snoods” with a twist front.

Have a great tip to share? We’d love to hear your comments here!


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