The Great Hair Fiasco by B.Levi

Ok everybody, here’s the scene:

A beautiful white embroidered tablecloth adorns the table. Gracing the beautifully set table is a  vase containing an utterly stunning bouquet of  flowers. Your brand new dear husband’s face shines with pride in his new wife’s abilities as his parents (your new in-laws) take in the scene of the table set so perfectly  that even your mother-in-law can’t find a flaw in it. Your father-in-laws sits  content, slurping (a drop nosily)  your delicious creme de la creme of something or another that sounded French enough to make it suitable to earn a place on the menu,

All of a sudden you see a grimace cross your mother-in-law’s face.  The slurping abruptly stops. A confused look crosses your husbands brow.

Your mother-in-law clears her throat quietly. Then says in an oh so quiet voice that tells you that you know you’ve made her night as she’s finally found a flaw. “Dear, there’s a hair in my soup”.


Yep, we all gotta deal with it. What oh what do you wear in the kitchen so this scene doesn’t happen?

What can you possibly do to make certain that  your MIL’s night remains a failure and your FIL and Husband end up full!

Here are some recomendations from

Go fun and funky and wear a  with a print pre-tied headscarf in the kitchen! It’s a full coverage headcovering that’s easy on and easy off and oh so comfortable! We have ton’s to choose from so go ahead and pick your favorite color, or one to match your apron or even your kitchen decor!

Not a pre-tied fan? Don’t fret, try a cute beret and just make sure to tuck all your hair inside. You may want to go with the larger size beret (regular) if you have a lot of hair.

Bottom line?

go ahead , wear a haircovering, you’ll be glad you did! However on the flip side your MIL might not.


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