A Great Cause by B.Levi

Join the Cause!

We at MyHeadcoverings.com have always known that our customers include a number of extraordinary people and the following e-mail we recieved buttresses our point.

Kaylee Kampf is a student at Yeshiva University and recently she became engaged to Andy Stahler.

Kaylee is also an Orthodox Jewish Woman who plans on covering her hair after marriage as is traditional among many Jewish Women.

Understandably, the engagement period is a pretty exhillirating time for a young engaged coupl,e and many times the couple tends to become slightly wrapped up in themselves.

Kaylee and Andy decided in their case it would be different.

Kaylee wrote to us that in honor of her begining to cover her hair they felt it appropriate to start a “Hats off for Cancer” campaign. Her and her groom have set about collecting all sorts of new or gently used Hats, Scarves, and Wigs for patients that are undergoing Chemotherapy.

All donations are to be donated to the WINGS Cancer Foundation based in the West Clinic in Kaylee’s Hometown of Memphis, Tennasee.

Of course, we agreed to donate to the cause, and in the spirit of Kaylee and Andy’s dedication we’ve decided to help out by offering a 20% discount on any order purchased for the “Hats off to Cancer” campaign.

Of coure, to be eligible the order must be shipped to the Memphis address below that is the campaign headquarters. (Just place your order on the MyHeadcoverings.com site with the shipping address listed below. Then send us an email at customerservice@myheadcoverings.com and we will refund you 20% of the purchase back to your credit card, paypal, or google accout used)

Best wishes to Kaylee and Andy both with their present campaign and their forthcoming marriage and Best wishes for Good Luck

All Donations can be mailed to:

Kaylee Kampf
450 Jason Drive
Memphis, TN 38120

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