How to tie an Israeli Tichel

Easy step by step instructions how to tie a basic israeli tichel bun with accompanying slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Start by tying your hair up in a bun with a scrunchee or pony holder. If your hair is thin we reccomend the scrunchee which will add more volume to the bun. For hair loss or short hair see step 4 below for how you can add the bun look.

step 1 – fold the square tichel into a triangle shape

step 2 – place the center of the long straight side at your farhead with the two long tails in front of your shoulders.

step 3 – tie those two front tails behind your head (under the third corner of the triangle)

step 4 – tuck that third end of the triangle in the back of your head under the tie you just tied. (for hair loss or short hair, stick something soft and light colored in before you tuck like some tissues or a spare tichel.)

You can leave the israeli tichel as is for a real basic tiechel look, or you can continue on to the bun stages.

step 5 – twist the two long tails

step 6 – wrap them around your bun/short pony and tuck the ends underneath themselves.


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