Top 5 Summer Items


Yup, summer is heating up no matter what you think of Global Warming, the temps are definitely soaring.

First off, if you have not yet heard this important bit of advice, let us do the honors and let you know that in this weather you must …….drink. Yup, you gotta drink and drink lots of liquids.

 However while that famous bit of advice will keep you healthy it will not really help you keep cool. So here are 5 great summer items from that are easy to put on and comfortable to wear in the heat so they can really help you enjoy the weather by keeping really cool.

 1) First off, there’s a really great product from Cherie called a Pre-tied Cotton Cap that is a hybrid of cap plus pre-tied bandana. What’s so great about this product? Well First off it’s a really cool and comfortable like cotton fabric so it’s really great for the summer, secondly it’s a regular Pre-tied and has plenty of room for all your hair in the back. And thirdly it has a Cotton visor in the front to protect you eye’s from the sun. This “Pre-tied Cotton Cap” is especially great for gardening, hikes and other summer activities!

2) The Basic SG Cotton Beret– The look of the classic beret, the comfort of Grade A cotton and a great selection of colors combine to really make these Berets one of our most popular summer items. If you want something with a little more “personality” but crave the cool comfort of a Beret then try the Lurex Beretfrom SG also made from cotton and really comfortable. The lurex woven into the fabric of this Beret adds a lot to the look!

3) Beach Hats– Beach Hats have a wide brim to protect you from the sun plus they are made from a light and breathable material which makes them very cool and perfect for summer!

4) Israeli Tichels– Isreali Tiechels are made from some really light cotton fabric and are great for the summer. See here on our blog for a slide show on how to tie them. If you’re in a rush and don’t want to go about the tying process then try a Pre-tied Israeli Tichel from Uptown, also incredibly light plus you get the benefits of the Israeli Tichel and the convenience of a Pre-tied Bandana!

5) Pre-tied Bandanas– Pre-tied bandana head scarves have got to be from the most convenient head coverings out there. They’re easy to put on and light as a feather so they are really popular in the summer. In fact we know of one manufacturer who told us they sell double the amount in the summer as the winter! The amazing variety of colors allows you to pick some bright summer colors that are both summery in look and feel!

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