Fashion Head Coverings

headscarvesThere are lots of different kinds of head coverings, from hats to scarves, to headbands to bandanas, to caps and tichels. No matter what kind you wear, head coverings are an important part of fashion.

I’m into a more funky style, so I like chenille snoods. I wear them with a vintage top and light or colored jeans. I feel like the snood is a more modern version of the beret because it’s looser. I have a blue Belgian crocheted snood that’s my favorite.

When it’s colder I like snoods because they can cover my ears. During the summer, I prefer headscarves. They’re light and breathable and come in so many different colors that I can match them with pretty much whatever I’m wearing. I have a couple of pre-tied headscarves ones for when I feel like just covering my hair and not worrying about how to tie it so it stays.

Ultimately, the kind of head wraps you wear says a lot about your personality. It’s important to wear what you like, and not what other people are into. So if you see a certain style, just go with it. Who knows, pretty soon people will catch on and start wearing your style like it’s their own.

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