Women’s Hats that are Perfect for Any Season

Women’s hats are in season year round! They protect your eyes, scalp, and hair from the sun and keep your head warm when it is cold. womens hats

Although the season for big, floppy, straw hats may be fading, it has not fled yet. A beach hat with a four inch wide brim protects your eyes and skin and looks whimsical and fun; perfect for the warm weather. These hats seem to have reached the status of classic fashion staple, so feel free to buy them at the end of the season and save them for next year; you may want it for a tropical getaway come February! Many have subtle embellishments, such as a flower fastened to the side, which gives them an extra hint of elegance.

For semi-dressy occasions in cooler months, a simple rounded cap with a feminine bow and a delicate one and a half inch visor is an option that combines understated beauty with a hint of adventure. If you buy it in a neutral color, you should be able to wear during the fall and winter and into the spring. And, popularized by flappers in the 1920s, the cloche is yet another example of casual sophistication. Decorations such as amber gems add to its demure charm.

You may generally find such hats wherever hair accessories for women are sold.


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