Polka Dot Hair Accessories for Women

head scarfI admit it; I have an obsession with polka dots. In fact, as I write this I am currently wearing polka dot shoes. My makeup bag and wallet also feature polka dots, albeit different kinds. While I am aware this may be excess, I try not to overwhelm my look with them. There is, after all, a certain finesse to wearing polka dots; you do not want them to look too cutesy; only a select few individuals can pull off the Mini Mouse look.

People generally have articles of clothing with which they associate certain moments or events. I do not have a specific item, I have a clothing theme. I can measure important moments in my life with polka dot dresses. After moving from New York City to Long Island, I began my first day of kindergarten wearing a purple polka dot dress with green trim; I looked like a grape, not Barney.  On my first day of working at a “real” job, I wore a polka dot blouse.

Although polka dots are generally considered a spring and summer pattern, they may easily transition into autumn and winter. You can wear a polka dot blouse or scarf, or even pair a polka dot dress with leggings or stockings. Come wintertime, I indulge my addiction by wearing a polka dot head scarf.

Polka dot clothes and hair accessories for women may be found online for affordable prices. Polka dots are whimsical and fun, traits that should be in season year round.

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