Hair Accessories for Women, Part I

There are so many different types of hair accessories for women.  Different styles sometimes require different supplies, but there are a a few basics that work well with most hair types. hair accessories for women

The alligator clip, which is also referred to as a salon clip, is a metal clip on a spring that you open by pinching it on its end. The teeth of the alligator clip make it suitable for all hairstyles, and it may be worn on the side, crown or top of the head, or in a bun or pony tail. A banana clip consists of two connected plastic teeth combs that open at one end so you may place it around your hair. When closed, it keeps your hair in between its teeth to hold it in place. Banana combs that open fully are the easiest to use.

A French Clip is a metal clip or barrette that you open by pinching the sides. The amount of hair the clip holds depends on its size. If you want to fit a small French clip on voluminous hair, you should first secure the hair with a ponytail holder to keep in the place, and then put the bow slightly above it to hide the elastic.

These are just some of the many versatile hair accessories for women; check back next week to see more options.

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