Hair Accessories for Women, Part II

Last week I discussed hair accessories for women including alligator clips, banana clips, and French clips. This week, I am going to discuss jaw clips, snap clips, and the most basic and versatile hair accessory for women, bobby pins. Hair Accessories for Women

The jaw clip,  also known as the claw clip, consists of two large plastic claws  attached to a metal spring. This clip is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and depending on the size, have  the ability to grasp large portions of your hair. The bigger jaw clips are efficient at keeping your hair up and off your neck.

The snap clip is a metal clip that opens by being bent backwards and opens by being bent forwards. It’s a great clip for the hair of small children and may be used to pin back bangs or discreetly secure accessories such as head scarves and head wraps. By the way, the basic snap clip is also what is known as a “kippah clip”.

For babies there are great options of “baby snap clips”.

The bobby pin is the most well-known and recognizable hair accessory. Made from two tightly connected thin pieces of metal that you pry open to slide onto your scalp and grip hair, it may also be used to fasten a slouchy beret or soft headband to your scalp. Bobby pins come in different shades to better blend in with your hair color, they even come in colorful colors with sequins to add a touch of sparkle.

All in all, hair accessories for women are as diverse as the hair styles of the women who wear them.


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