Autumn Hair Accessories for Women

Fall Fashion Week did not only debut new clothing, but new hairstyles and hair accessories for women as well.  Since autumn weather is not as harsh on your hair as summer and winter weather, and you have presumably already gotten your fall haircut, it is the perfect time to experiment with these new trends. head wraps

As mentioned in a previous post, decorative feathers are very popular this season. Wear one in gold, which is the hit color of the season and was heavily featured during New York Fashion Week, as a ponytail accent. If you do not want to put a feather in your hair, embrace gold tones found in head scarves, head wraps, headbands, clips, and other hair accessories, all of which may be used to spruce up your look. For example, a gold headband will add polish to an otherwise casual look or a gold clip will add flair to a sleek bun.

A ponytail is a classic style that is never unfashionable. This year’s incarnation casual, unkempt, and worn at the nape of the neck; how mess you make depends on your own personal preference. Achieving this faux messy look is probably going to involve hair gel and mousse. Secure your hair low at the base of your neck with a ponytail holder. Give it some extra pop by using a hair elastic with a bow attached or tying a colorful ribbon around a standard hair elastic.

These are just some examples of this season’s trendy hair accessories for women.

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