Winter Tips and Hair Accessories for Women

Hair is more brittle during the winter months, due to its exposure to the harsh weather elements and its contact with damaging heat-based hair products, such as hair dryers. After your mid-autumn trim, maintain your hair’s health by using a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture; repeat this process once or twice a month throughout the season.  head scarves

In order to combat seasonal dryness, you should alternate between using your regular shampoo and conditioner and a shampoo and conditioner with moisture-rich formulas. Since you are more likely to blow dry your hair during the winter, you should apply a heat-protectant spray to your hair before using the hair dryer, and try to keep it on a low setting. Additionally, using a lower setting or the cool button on your hair dryer will help you set your hairstyle.
Although winter is an ideal season to experiment with different women’s hats and head scarves, these accessories may leave you with flat hair. To avoid the hair faux pas, use mousse in your hair to give it added volume, before you don any head accessories. You may reactivate the mousse by flipping your head over and lifting your hair roots with moist fingertips. A leave-in conditioner will reduce the hair static headwear may cause. To use this product, towel-dry freshly shampooed hair and then evenly distribute a dollop of the leave-in conditioner before you style it.

And, a scalp massage offers multiple benefits. You may give yourself one as a way to keep oxygenated blood moving to your hair roots. This action both relaxes you and promotes hair growth.

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