Women’s Hats Protect Hairdos, Part II

Crochet Beret Hat

Crochet Beret Hat

After you secure the front of your hair back with a head band or bobby pins, the next step is to tie up your hair ends. Scoop your hands around the back of your neck and through the sides of your hair to pull it all upwards. Create a loose ponytail on the top of your head. Twist the ponytail into a loose bun and secure it with another hair elastic or more bobby pins.

Now, you may put on your hat. Be sure that the hat sits evenly on your head, so that you do not look like you have a lumpy scalp. Once you arrive at your destination, complete your hairstyle. Release your hair from its confines, tip your hair upside down, and run your fingers through it to give it added volume. If you previously applied mousse to your hair, moisten your fingertips before you finger-comb it in order to reactivate the mousse. Use the appropriate products and hair accessories for women to complete your look.
Granted, this strategy only works if you have the time to do it when you get to your desired location. You also need to be comfortable getting ready in a public restroom, etc. And, you need to be organized: a do-it-yourself hairdo done outside your home will only be successful if you have the right hair accessories for women.

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