Importance of Women’s Hats for Winter

Winter Hats and Chaponnes on MyHeadcoverings

Women’s hats come in so many different styles that choosing the kind that best suits your needs for the wintery weather may be a difficult task. There are some tricks to choosing that will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish during these cold months.

There are many fashionable, warm hats from which to choose. The first step in selecting the appropriate hat is to assess your area’s winter climate. Different regions require different headgear; women in the northeast US wear different hats than women in the northwest US. Your hairstyle also influences the type of hat you choose: will the hat cover short hair or will it need to accommodate different hairstyles?
When choosing a winter hat, it is important to also remember that the best winter hats cover your ears. If you have long hair, it may help protect your ears, but a hat that covers your ears will keep them even warmer and better insulated. Hats with ear flaps provide you with the option of leaving your ears covered or uncovered, which is a great option if the local winter temperature tends to fluctuate between freezing and cold. If you wear a hat that does not cover your ears, cover your ear by wrapping a head scarf around your head and then put on your hat.  
The right hat will protect your head without hampering your hairstyle or fashion sense.

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