Winter Whites and the New You!



Try some white headcoverings this winter

Surveys prove that the majority of people’s skin gets lighter in the winter from the cold. In the summer, when the sun’s out and shining it gives color to your face, but when winter rolls around and the sun’s nowhere in sight the color drains from your face giving you a paler complexion.
So the big question is: what color and style head coverings and/or hair accessories should you wear in the winter???
Well the answer’s simple. Wearing a dark colored head covering or hair accessories will just make your face paler than it is already because the contrast is drastic but wearing something more light or white would do the trick because since it is light it will makes your face look darker than it is. The truth is that white is a great color no matter what your skin tone or complexion is.
The color white is very in style this winter. White is simple yet so elegant and classy- it gives that warm and cozy look like fresh white snow. Imagine…just drinking that delicious hot chocolate in the morning with your fresh white gloves, scarf and beret- there’s just nothing like it! Just the color can make you feel warm!
There are many different shades of white- from off white to ivory, the icy solid winter white or light beige- you gotta see which one suits you best!
If your one of those that always said “white is just not me” – you just have to try it and see what your missing out on!
However, if your still unsure if you like it or not after you’ve tried it on, it’s best to stick to the light colors, like a light pastel pink, green, lavender or blue. Light grey also does very well in the winter. Of course, you could always get a mix of white and another light color. For example: a white and light grey striped Israeli tichel or an off white and light brown head wrap. You can do the same for woman’s hats, a pre-tied bandana, a headband or a beret.
Trust me, once you get hooked on to white it’ll become the new you!

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