Should I Tip the Waiter?…My Head Covering Fiasco!

Well, it all started out on a beautiful sunny Wednesday when my mother in law called and asked if it would be okay if she could come by Sunday night for supper to come visit the kids.
What was I supposed to say?!?!? No???? Of course I had to tell her to PLEASE come that we would be soooooooooooo happy to see her.
From that second on the sun was not shining outside any longer. I went from begging the cleaning lady to come on Sunday from 7 am – 7 pm for there was NO WAY my mother In law was walking into such a disaster and of course making my manicure, pedicure, facial and hair appointment. Then shopping for clothing for the kids, myself and my husband and starting to cook. I had not a second to breathe.
Sunday night came before I knew it. I must say, the house looked tip top and the kids looked adorable. The waiter was ready in the kitchen and of course I looked like a dream. The evening started off better than I expected- that’s until the waiter came out proudly holding my fresh ambrosia for the entrée and accidently bumped his toe into the leg of my chair dropping one right on my head. Just my luck. I excused myself from the table and ran up to my room frazzeled. OH NO!! What to do?? Luckily it had only touched the bottom ends of my hair so I just wet the ends a little and brushed it out. There was no way however that I was going to walk down with half a blow dried head so I quickly grabbed my new banana clip and gently clipped it on. Wow. That did the trick! It looked freshly blown with that extra wave and volume.
Luckily my mother in law loved the banana clip and I started to feel like it was a good thing that embrozia fell on my head – since when do I get a compliment from my mother in law?!?!
Anyways, I proudly got up to go to the kitchen to get the next course when I passed the mirror and realized that I had some ambrosia on the top of my head too that I hadn’t noticed before. Gosh – how did I miss it?!? I ran back up to my room in a dash and grabbed the new beret my grandmother had got me as a gift and put it on my head. Okay, I must say it did look a little silly together with the banana clip but it did the trick.
I came back down and headed straight to the kitchen to get the next course and proudly walked into the dining room. This time my mother in law obviously didn’t think I looked that great. “Honey” she said “what got into you?!?”. “Well” I said “I really am kinda chilly”. I could see she wasn’t quite pleased with the answer, I mean, It was summer after all….. “Next thing you’ll tell me is that your becoming religious and covering your hair totally with a headscarf!”. I just laughed but deep down I was thinkin boy is that a great idea for next time….

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