Time to Play Dress Up: Head Scarf Heaven!

Head Scarf Dress Up
Head scarves make great play material!

I got the idea from my daughter. Well, let me explain, my daughter plays house with her friends every day after school. Every day they go to someone else’s house and they get to use all that girl’s mother’s clothes and pots and pans. Last week was my turn so of course I took out a big box with all my old clothes and let them enjoy.

Half hour later they came up to the kitchen to show me. I couldn’t stop laughing! They looked like they were from the 1900’s “cuz mommy was born in the olden days and is hopelessly out of style”. They had my old heels on that were chunky clonkers and my colorful worn out shirts fit them like a dress. The best part was the way they used my head scarves and israeli tichels as head bands. Well you might think how on earth did they use a head scarf as a head band?!?!?! I’ll explain. It took me a few seconds to get it too, but once I got it, I realized how original and practical it was. It’s taking something simple like a square head scarf and turning into a gorgeous hair accessory. It’s definitely worth the try!

So the way my daughter wore it was very interesting. She folded a purple oblong tichel into a long and very narrow head scarf. She then put her hair in a pony and put the middle of the head scarf on the back of her neck under the pony. She gently took both sides and tied it into a big bow on her head, leaving only a little hair showing in the front. She then took out her pony and looked adorable! Some of her friends decided to do it differently and just did the opposite of her. After they made the head scarf long and narrow, they put their hair in a pony and put the middle of the head scarf in the front of their head and tied it in the back under their pony. They then let out their pony and it really looked good, too!

There are so many things you can do with a head scarf, tichel or bandana, you just gotta be original!!! Let’s see what you can come up with…..


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