Uh Oh: When There’s More In Your Kids Hair Than Her Hair Accessory… (Part I)

Gum in Hair

What to do when the gum gets stuck..

It’s the night before your daughter’s class pictures. Of course, you want your daughter to look her best, so you find yourself cleaning and ironing her best crisp white uniform shirt. After that you go running around the house looking for her cutest head band – a cute hair band with a bow, pair of socks and loafers, make sure she takes a shower and get her off to bed for an early night.

With all the preparations you forget about the piece of gum she’s chewing when she heads to bed…

The next morning you find yourself up at 6:30 ready (or not) to face a brand new day! After you finish preparing all the snacks and lunches you run up to your daughter’s room to start getting her all ready for the “big day” only to find gum all over her hair!!! Your first reaction would probably be AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! But now what? So you let out a scream but that most definitely won’t help the situation. So what to do?

Frazzled you wake her up and start trying to pull all the gum out, but for some reason the only thing you’re actually pulling out is her hair! In tears you start imagining her in school that day with a mushroom haircut. “No, this can’t be happening to me” you think, “There’s got to be another solution”. Before you know it, you and your daughter are both sitting on her bed and crying. She’s devastated and cannot picture herself in such a haircut. You stop crying and decide you better get a hold of yourself because you are the mother in the picture after all. So now with half an hour left until her bus leaves you have got to come up with something.

Sounds familiar? Okay, maybe this never actually happened on class pictures day, but does that feeling or thought of “what to do with gum in my hair” make you cringe?! Well, we’ve got the perfect solution. It’s easy, simple and works wonders!

To remove gum:

1.       Smear or rub any type of oil (yes, oil) all over your hair (or the area with the gum) and just let it sit there for a few minutes.

2.       Take a comb and gently brush out the gum without pulling to hard so as not to lose any hair in the process.

3.       Wash your hair very well to get that oily texture and smell out of it.

So good luck! It only takes 3 small steps to save the day! And of course, once that’s all done you can put on one of your favorite hair accessories or headband to make it look even better!


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