Hair Accessories For Women Help YOU Set The Trend!

YOU set the style! Try it with these mini jaw clips or any other hair accessory you like!

YOU set the style! Try it with these mini jaw clips or any other hair accessory you like!

Do you ever feel like wearing some real original hair accessories, like something that not EVERYONE is wearing and just don’t have the courage or self-esteem to be “different” that EVERYONE else??

Now, let me ask you something- Who starts the trends?? Well, the answer is very simple – you and I are the ones who set the trends. “What?!?!” you may think, but it’s true. Okay you might not have been the one to actually start the trend but it could’ve been your next door neighbor, best friend or even a family member.

The nature of people is that we are always looking at “the other person” to know what to wear and what is in. Try coming to school or work once with a hair style that no one is wearing yet and see how many people start wearing it within the next month. For example, let’s say no one wears braids to school. Try wearing a braid to school every day for the next month – you can even add a ribbon at the bottom to make it a little more interesting and don’t forget to walk with your head held high! Now my dear friend, you will be surprised to see how many people actually start wearing a braid to school. It may take some time till people get used to it but the more they see it, the more they like it and that’s when they’ll decide they need change and start wearing it too. Funny, no? Trust me it’s true! Try it for yourself and let me know!

So why don’t you try being the leader for once instead of the follower? Just jump into the world of trends in hair styles and hair accessories and be the first one to wear the “newest” style!

Need ideas?! Sure, I’ll help you out! How about mini jaw clips like the ones pictured in this blog or the lookk of  two pig tail braids with a ribbon or hair bow on each side? Or how about the tight twisted bun-piano teacher look? Ever thought of bringing hats back into style?!?! How about a womens beret?  Oh, and I almost forgot, head bands made out of real hair! The hair can be braided and stuck on the headband. You can get exactly the same color as your hair and the look is “oh so natural”!

Now, it doesn’t have to be something so extreme, it could be a regular normal hair accessory. The point is that you can and should wear whatever pleases you and not the world!

I’ll leave the rest of the thinking up to you, so good luck and don’t forget to let me know if you come up with something really interesting!


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