Uh Oh: When There’s More In Your Hair Than Your Hair Accessory! (Part III)

dandruff shampoo

dandruff shampoo

So, thankfully it’s not lice with all that it entails. It’s not gum either. This time, it’s dry itchy flaky dandruff.

What is dandruff? Dandruff is a mild form of a common skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis. It’s what happens when your scalp sheds skin cells faster than normal. There can be many causes of dandruff, including Psoriasis or other skin conditions but the most common cause of dandruff is the cold dry winter weather.

So, what to do?

First off, prevention is always best, so keep your scalp warm and cozy with a warm knit hat or other womens head covering. The more coverage the better!

Shampooing daily, especially if you have oily hair can help prevent dandruff. Make sure you rinse our all shampoo residue so you aren’t left with a different skin irritant! And after the shower, brush your hair starting at the roots down to the bottom to distribute oil from the scalp all the way down the hair.

But as much as you can do to try and prevent dandruff, it always seems to catch up with someone at one point or another, so here’s how to treat it once it’s there. There are many dandruff shampoos on the market, but the best one I’ve found to work is head and shoulders dandruff shampoo. Dandruff shampoos have active ingredients that will get rid of the dandruff. Start off using it daily and once the dandruff is under control, use it 2-3 times a week and then slowly stop.

When you use the dandruff shampoo, massage it into your scalp and leave it there for 5 minutes. Then rinse it out very well. Also two more things to keep in mind are not to use excessive heat on your scalp, and not to scratch it cause you don’t want it getting infected.

And one more thing – which is really important – is to decrease your stress level as stress adds to dandruff! So check out our spa gift package give-a-way on our facebook page and we hope you win!!


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