Hair Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without!


hair accessories you shouldn't leave home without!

You never realize how important they are until you need them. Just like you never pay attention to your toes until you stub them, you don’t appreciate or realize the importance of hair accessories until you’re in a situation where you feel you just can’t live without them.

For example, imagine to yourself a hot summer day you decide to go for a quick swim in the lake nearby.  Enjoying yourself you totally forget your kids finish school in 5 minutes and you must be there on time OR ELSE. You jump out quickly, get dressed and hop into the car. However, your hair is wet and knotty and is starting to get frizzy. Now, who likes frizzy hair?!?!?! Gosh! “If only I would have a little brush or comb in my purse to just give a quick brush and make me feel all better”.

Okay, you might think I’m exaggerating, yes this situation may sound a little interesting but try to think of yourself in any other situation where a brush or a comb would just save the day. Like on a date, PTA, interviews….. It’s not worth taking the chance and not carrying it along with you. It’s light, small and it won’t be a hassle for you to keep it on you for it will just sit in your purse until you need it, and boy will you be glad you did!

Same goes with pony holders and bobby pins. When your pony holder pops and you can’t retie it for the twenty fifth time because it’s too stretched out and your hair is just flying everywhere, you’re at work, a customer is coming and you’ve got to look your best, it’s a pity to take the chance and not carry these things around with you because they are so small, you won’t even notice they’re there until you need them; and trust me you will be forever grateful you did.

Obviously, a rain bonnet is the best thing to have. It’s smaller than an umbrella and does the trick. It’s small, foldable and plastic. It’s worth carrying it around for that one time it rains and you just can’t afford to get your hair all wet.

So be original. Why not just pack yourself a little bag now with all the hair accessories that are basics, that you REALLY might need one day and put it in the corner of your purse so you won’t be too late and have to learn from your mistakes.  Trust me; it’s worth it. It makes life all that much easier and less stressful. Come on, don’t we all dream of a stress free life?! Well, this is your first step to making your dream come true.


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