Accessorize for Spring with Spring Colors

Pastel Head Scarves

Try pastel head scarves and head coverings this spring

Finally!!! Winter is now over – or should be, and Spring has sprung!! For some reason the word Spring somehow makes me smile. Just thinking of the sun shining and flowers sprouting, birds chirping and the sound of children playing gives me the warmth I’ve been waiting for a whole Winter long. Just imagining the soft light Spring colors relaxes me. The word spring just makes me want to dance and sing! It makes me want to Spring into the new season we’ve been waiting for so long – or at least I’ve been waiting for so long! So no time to lose – let’s spring into Spring before this season is gone with the wind.

Of course the BIG question is “what color to wear in Spring?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!”

Well, don’t jump ahead of yourself  – Spring IS NOT  summer! Spring is Spring and Summer is Summer. So of course in the Spring, it might still be a little chilly or breezy; you might not want to dump that jacket just yet , however you night decide to wear a lighter weight jacket. Now there’s no need to start wearing summer clothes or summer colors yet – we’ll save that for summer time, but you can definitely start wearing spring colors!

Now, we all know that Spring colors are those light and soft looking pastel colors. For example: light pink, light green, light blue or light orange. Light yellow or peach or even white. Now if you’re not the “light” kind of person – don’t fret! We’ve got the perfect idea for you! You can still wear those dark color clothing that you love and just dress it up with some lovely, light, pastel colored hair accessories, women’s berets or head coverings. It gives the perfect look, makes the perfect outfit and of course the most perfect you!!

So let’s try to imagine this to ourselves. All black with a light green and gold necklace with a light green head wrap. Or how about a soft pink necklace with a soft pink beret?! It’s all in your hands – the sky is the limit when it comes to hair accessories!

Now, If your just edging to wear those colors already, your just sick and tired of all the dark colors; the best hair accessories will probably be the darker ones since you don’t want  to look too summery either. You can try a light weight beret in a darker shade, a banana clip, head band or head wrap.

It’s up to you! There’s so much to do with hair accessories, head wraps and headscarves– it’s a world of its own. So spring into it and dive right in before it’s too late!!


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