Hats, Hats, Everywhere…Even in our Speech!

womens hats

Womens Hats have somehow made it into our everyday language!

Hats have been around for ages and have touched all segments of society. The popularity of hats have led to an amazing amount of expressions that include the word. So to demonstrate we’ve put together a compostion centered around the word hat.Have you ever heard of edible head coverings?! Well if you have, “I’ll eat my hat”. Actually, I think I can think of some “at the drop of a hat”. How about the Hamantaschen? If you haven’t yet tasted this triangular filled cookie – you’ve been missing out. It’s a delicious cookie or pastry filled with any filling of your choice. The most typical ones are either chocolate or jelly, yet there are plenty more flavors that people have enjoyed tasting including vanilla flavored one’s. The best part is some say this cookie is in the shape of a hat in remembrance to what the evil Haman wore. Now, I’m sure I can come up with another one or two but “I’ll keep those under my hat” and see what you can come up with! Gosh, I’m totally “talking through my hat”, I can’t think of any other edible hat although I could probably use my imagination and make some up if I had too. However, I’ll start to “pass the hat around” and collect some of your ideas; a penny for your thoughts! Now, don’t “throw your hat” at it just yet, give it a try and find the originality that lies within you! Alright, it doesn’t have to be the most brilliant idea or invention; it can be an “old hat” if that’s the only thing you can come up with. So, if your one of those that will give it a try “Hats off to you!!!”

It’s amazing how the word “HAT” made it into our vocabulary even when we’re talking nothing regarding a head covering or even the human body! The only reason I can come up with is because hats are so comfortable to wear that we feel  comfortable just saying it whenever, however and to whoever! Plus there is a hat for every occasion, just think of womens hats, fedoras, caps, chaponnes, cloche’s or more. Obviously that is not the reason but I’m sure there’s a reason I just don’t know! Alright, you’re probably  on the edge of your seat to know what all those sayings on the first paragraph mean, so let me get to the point.

– I’ll eat my hat : I will be greatly surprised if (something that proves me wrong) happens

– At the drop of a hat : without hesitation or delay

– Keep (something) under one’s hat : to keep (something) a secret

– Talk through one’s hat : a. to talk foolishly b. to deceive, bluff or lie

– Pass the hat round : to collect something (usually money)

– Throw one’s hat : to give up

– Old hat : something stale, lame or old-fashioned

– Take off one’s hat : to admire or congratulate

– My hat: a. my word b. nonsense

– Out of a hat: a. by magic b. at random


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