Very Multi-Functional Head Scarves!

Head Scarves

Head Scarves

My headscarf doubled as a pot holder today. No, not the one on my head… The one my toddler pulled out of the headscarves drawer!

Did you know that head scarves are multi functional? I didn’t either – that is till I had kids. Kids find the most unique uses for the most ordinary objects. Apparently my pot holder ended up serving some more IMPORTANT use in the playroom, (where I found it  later in the evening) so the head scarf that was doubling as a doll blanket served the purpose of pot holder as well.

All kidding aside, headscarves and Tichels can be used for a variety of uses for adults as well. A Tichel can accessorize an outfit when tied as a neck scarf, shawl or belt. Take it along on an outing where it can serve as a makeshift table cloth. Or even around the house it can serve the purpose of temporary curtains, or an accent table runner for a party.

So next time you see a head scarf in a pattern that catches your fancy, think of all the wonderful ways you can use it, and if all else fails…give it to the kids!

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