Blog Contest Winning Entry: Bikers & Bandanas

biker hat

Biker hat or black pr-tied bandana? recently ran a contest where we asked for your headcovering story. Of all the entries we received, we selected this humor article by Ellen J. as the winning entry. Ellen won $50 to spend on We hope you enjoy Ellen’s story as much as we did!

A special thank you to all our customers who sent in articles!


I tend to favor more feminine head covers with colors or
patterns. However, one night I wasn’t feeling very well at all. I was
suffering from morning sickness, but my husband was working late and I
needed to go to the store. I was just starting to outgrow my clothes,
so I layered a sweatshirt, jeans that were too big, and a black
pre-tried bandana. I did not care at all what I looked like and
apparently, what I looked like was a tall, male biker. One of the things
I needed was salt for our water softener. Since it was too heavy for me
to lift,  I did what I always do and asked the cashier to have someone
help me load it in my car. When I pulled my car up to the pile of salt
outside, I was greeted by two men who immediately started laughing.
“Dude!” they exclaimed, “Does you girlfriend know you’re such a wimp
that you can’t load your own salt?” They were just kidding, but I was
extremely embarrassed and my reaction was to pitch my voice as high as
it could go and say my husband usually loaded the salt for me. It
sounded like a bad Marilyn Monroe impression. The two were horribly
embarrassed and apologized, but the minute I got home I got rid of my
black pre-tied bandana and now when I dress down I always put on loud,
flower-covered head covers, the more obnoxious the better!


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