Focus on Hair Loss: Ringworm


Ringworm it’s not a worm at all – it’s a fungus

As we continue to exlplore various causes of Hair Loss we turn our focus to one of the more interesting ones. Ringworm, in latin Tinea Corpus. What makes it so interesting? Well, although it’s called Ringworm it’s not a worm at all, it’s a fungus. It is called Ringworm because many times it takes on a pattern in the shape of a Ring, with the rash spreading in ring shaped areas leaving the center all clear and infected hairs become brittle and break easily. Ringworm generally starts off as a small sore and then becomes flaky, or scaly. Ringworm is generally very easily treatable by medication applied directly to the affected area with over the counter medications. Completely avoiding Ringworm is pretty hard because the underlying fungi(dermatophytes) is pretty common. So one should keep in mind that it is most common in places moist areas such as locker rooms, shower areas an swimming pools which is why one should always wear something on their feet to protect themselves. (ringworm can appear on ones feet too, it’s called athletes foot). Now, Ringworm is in fact contagious so it’s important that one does not share any head coverings they may use to cover up bald spots caused by Ringworm. Sources include and The Mayo Clinic) By B. Levi

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