Hair Accessories for Babies: The Baby Hat

Baby hats are great since they are healthy, practical and a great hair accessory for babies.

One of the first articles of clothing that a baby is given when they are born is a hat! Of course the hospital ones are not exactly what we would call a stylish baby hat– but a hat is a hat. They wear it through their hospital stay and some wear one for a few months after that. So why is that? Why is it so important for babies to wear hats? Well, it’s not for nothing that baby hats are a popular clothing item in baby stores!

The first reason is because human beings lose a lot of heat through our heads. Therefore, by putting on a hat it keeps all the warmth in our bodies. When babies are born their temperature drops and for the first few months of their life they are about 10 degrees colder than a regular person. By putting them on a hat we are helping to keep them as warm as possible.

Another reason is because babies are used to being all bundled and snuggled up safe in the womb. When they are born, they are thrown right into the cold – which is something they are not accustomed to. The warm hats help them feel as though they are still snuggled up and safe in their mother’s womb.

Since babies cannot regulate their body temperature for the first six months of their life, it is recommended that they always wear hats outside in the cold weather. In summer months, sun hats can be very convenient to protect your baby from the heat to prevent a sun burn since their skin is more delicate and more sensitive then someone older.

Baby hats come in many different styles, colors and sizes. They are stylish, cute and oh so comfortable. Baby hats are great since they are healthy, practical and just like a baby headband they make a  great hair accessory for babies.


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