Focus on Babies: Cradle Cap

Use baby oil to get rid of cradle cap

Cradle cap looks something like eczema, typically found on a newborn or small baby’s forehead, or top of the head. It is very common and can be dealt with very easily. It is caused by imbalance of the mothers hormones which get passed over to the baby at birth causing over active oil glands. These over active oil glands bring cradle cap – dead skin cells which looks yellowish and similar to dry skin or eczema. Surprisingly though, although it looks painful and itchy, it actually brings no pain or discomfort to the baby. However, instead of just covering it up with a hair accessory for babies such as a baby hat or baby head band, all you need to do is follow some basic steps and before you know it, you’ll forget it was ever there.

Below are the two most popular ways to get rid of cradle cap:

  1. Today, they say this one is an old wives tale and a myth but it works and there’s no reason not to try it. Put baby oil on the cradle cap. Let it sit there for a good three minutes. Once it’s fully soaked into the skin, gently comb it out. You will not be able to take it all out at once but continue doing it every other day before giving them a bath as their hair will be all oily after you do it. Some say that it’s better to use olive oil. Heat up one cup of olive oil on the stove and then apply it like the baby oil.
  2. Brush the baby’s hair from front to back every morning and night for ten strokes each. You will see that some flakes will fall out. When giving a bath, massage the area gently and after bath dry their hair well and brush again.

However, now that you got rid of the cradle cap it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the baby hat you were putting on your baby to cover it up! Baby hats really add lot and are a great hair accessory for babies.


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