Hair Accessory Styles: The Banana Comb

Banana clips for hair are really pretty and make great hair accessories for lots of reasons.

Banana clips for hair are really pretty and make great hair accessories for lots of reasons.

Do you ever wonder where certain hair styles we wear come from? Well, let me start by telling you one thing- what goes around comes around!!

Most of the hair styles and women’s hair accessories we wear today were worn decades and generations ago. The styles just keep going round and round till we find ourselves right where we started! So when your grandma tells you she wore her hair the same way as you did when she was a kid she really means it! However every time they come around again they have an extra added touch for the current styles and trends.

So now that we’ve made that clear– let’s talk about banana combs The banana hair clip was actually one of the hottest hair accessories in the 80’s. Women then had feathered bangs and lots of layers (sounds familiar?!?!) so the banana clip made the perfect hair accessory to keep all that hair up (since with all their short layers, their hair wouldn’t fit in a pony well). Banana combs were the raid then – they were everywhere! They’ve come around again a few times since then and today th’ye once again making a comback!

A hair banana clip is a hair accessory in the shape of a banana which opens and closes from the top. The clip has teeth like a comb just a little more spread apart and allows you to pull your hair back from each side of your head. The effect is something like a line of hair running down the middle of your head.  It’s a great hair accessory if you have short hair and would like it to look longer because as oppose to a pony tail where all your hair is actually gathered and picked up, a banana comb simply brings your hair to the middle of your head to hold it together without lifting it up. In addition, if you wear a wig and find it hard to wear it down all the time especially in hot summer months, a banana clip is the perfect thing to hold your wig off your neck and out of your face. A banana comb can measure between 2.5 inches to 7 inches and comes in lots of different styles, designs and colors. Some are basic and simple and others have patterns or decorations such as studs, glitter, rhinestones, etc.

these combs are really pretty and make great hair accessories for lots of reasons. So let’s thank those folks from the 80’s for bringing them about for us- and can’t help but wonder what will come around next. 🙂

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