Hair Accessories: A Hair Clip Guide – Part I

Hair clips make great hair accessories for so many reasons. However, different kinds of hair clips have different purposes and ways to be worn. For examples, some clips are simply made to hold hair off your forehead and others are made to hold all your hair together like a pony. So, when looking for certain kinds of hair clips for yourself, your daughter or your friends, you may want to know the names of the different kinds of clips there are and what they are used for.

1. Alligator Clip

An alligator clip has its name for a reason! It looks just like the mouth of an alligator since it is long and narrow, has teeth and opens and closes by pinching it at the end. It makes a great hair clip to keep your hair off your face in a comfortable manner or even to decorate a half a pony.


2.  Bobby Pin

This hair clip is two tightly connected thin pieces of metal that you gently open to slide on to your hair and grip it into place. It is great to hold your bangs off your face on to the side or all the way back. In addition, they are commonly used for holding updos and tiaras in place. They are also great to secure hats, doilies, tichels and head wraps on ones head.

bobby pin

3. Banana Clips

A banana clip is made of two connected plastic combs with teeth that open on top. It’s in the shape of a banana and is made to hold all ones hair together. To put it on, open it and put it by your neck. Then start closing it slowly and make sure that all your hair is going into the clip. The effect is beautiful, you have all your hair together in a feathered pony.

banana clip

4. French Clip

A French clip is also known as a barrette. It is a flat clip that opens and closes with a little pinch on the side. Depending on the size of the barrette is the amount of hair that will fit in. Some French clips can hold all ones hair up and some only half of your head of hair.

french clip

We hope this information is a help and don’t forget to check out our blog next week for lots of other types of hair clips!

Good Luck!


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