Hair Accessories: A Hair Clip Guide – Part 2

There are many different kinds of hair clips and believe it or  not, every hair clip is designed and created for it’s own purpose. Don’t get confused when you see two different clips with the same applique because although it looks extremely similar, one may not be suited for your hair type. So before shopping for your hair clips, take a look at all the different kinds of hair clips to see which one it is you are looking for. In Part 1 of this series we named a few for you, and below are a few more.

1. Pinch Clip

This clip is similar to an alligator clip just without the teeth making it suitable for babies as well as kids and women of all ages. Since there are no teeth it can slip so you may need to put a pony or bobby pin in the hair first to hold in place.

pinch clip

2. Jaw Clip

A jaw clip is made up of two plastic pieces attached together on the top by a metal string. To open it, pinch the two pieces on the top. The jaw clip has teeth and can grasp a large amount of hair (depending on its size).  A jaw clip is great for ponies, to hold all your hair up or for a half a pony.

jaw clip

3. Snap Clip

This is a metal clip that opens by bending back and closes by bending forward with an audible snap. Great for babies or for holding things on the hair like tichels or headwraps, or great for keeping bangs out of your face or your little girl’s eyes.

snap clip

So now that you have all the information about hair clips, we hope that all this information helps you out and makes your shopping experience easier to find the exact clip you are looking for!


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