Womens Hair Loss Part 2 -Chemo

Some women choose to wear a wig to hide their loss, while others go the opposite route and chose to go bald, while others choose scarves.

As we continue our series on we turn to another cause of women’s hair loss which is Chemotherapy.

Thank God now-a-days many more people afflicted with Cancer nosurvive what once was considered the incurable illness. One of the primary reasons is the treatment known as Chemotherapy.

Chemo attacks cells, killing them off, hopefully it will kill off “cancer cells”, however it does not discriminate and therefore can attack the cells that cause hair growth as well leading to hair loss.

Now, while it used to be a near certainty  chemo treatment would lead to hair loss, today there are newer more targeted drugs used for cancer treatments that cause only hair thining or no hair loss at all.

Examples? Cytoxan is a drug used to fight Breast Cancer and causes only  thinning instead of total hair loss, and Adrucil another chemo drug causes no hair loss. However  taxol causes extremely sudden hair loss.

The point is that the type of drug being used does make a difference in whether chemo treatments will cause hair loss and how that hair Loss will occur.

People going through hair loss from chemo deal with it in different ways. Some choose to wear a wig covering up completely and trying to hide their loss, while others go the opposite route and chose to go bald showing the world the battle they are going through, while others choose scarves.

As Mayo Clinic states there is no right way to deal with it, each individual patient decides what they want to do, what works best for them.

Here’s some tips we found about it.

If you are buying a wig, it’s a good idea to take a picture of the way you like your hair to look as well as cut off some beforehand. Some women actually cut off all their hair and make a wig from their own natural hair.

When bald there are many people who use only ild soap on their scalp as its pretty sensitive.

Its best to try on Hats and Scarves after losing hair since the fit and look is different.

The best thing about hair loss from chemotherapy is that it will grow back. Typically re-growth begins three months after treatment ends and can take up to ten months.

In the beginning your hair may have either a different texture and/or a different shade.

During regrowth its a good idea to try and wear hats since the scalp can get itchy. Also, styling hair with moose or other chemicals is usually not be a good idea until the hair is about 3 inches long and has  more stable roots.

(Sources include MayoClinic.com, Chemochicks, and Web MD)


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