Womens Hair Loss: Trichotillomania

Continuing to explore the various causes of Hair Loss, in this post we will focus on one that is actually more common in women then men.


What is Trichotillomania?

It’s classified as an Impulse Control Disorder. Basically, it means that someone has a compulsive urge to pull out hair. The word Trichotillomania was coined in 1889 by Francois Henri Hallopeau.

How much more common is Trich in women then men?

Well an exact number is hard to come by since people are generally embarrassed to admit that they are suffering from Trich but a rough estimate can put the number at as much as 4 to 1. As much as 4% of the population in the USA may have suffered from trich at one point or another.

Most symptoms of Hair Loss from Trich usually show up before the age of 17 though they can show up at any age.

In many cases, people experiencing Trich report pulling out one hair at a time and going on for hours.

While there is no known specific iron clad cure for Trich usually if it shows up in patients younger then 6 it can go away on its own, however for many it forms a life long problem.

Treatments that sometimes work include Behavior Modification therapy, as well as the  drug Clomipramine which prevents the absorption of serotonin in the body.

In addition many people that have dealt with Hair Loss from Trich report Support groups as having been very helpful in helping them deal with it.

(Sources include Web MD, pullfreeatlast.com.drugs.com, Wikipedia, and Newsmax.com)


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