Understanding the Different Types of Hair Loss: What is Androgentic Alopecia?

Another common form of Hair loss in women is known as Androgentic Alopecia or AGA for short and is clinically know as female pattern hair loss”.

What is that?

The hair follicles contain receptors that are sensitive to androgens, basically male hormones which are always present in a woman’s body, just in really small amounts. When the levels of Androgens rise too high they give off signals to the receptors in the woman’s hair telling it to slow down on the growth.

This condition may occur because of a myriad of reasons including hypertension, lack of exercise, diabetes mellitus, etc.

It’s important to realize that AGA usually does not cause total hair loss since it does not cause the hair follicles to fall out, it just stops them from growing. The fact that the Hair Follicles remain present is one of the factors that makes AGA treatable.

Forms of treatment include: growth stimulators (Rogaine) since the hair follicles are still there and “anti-androgens” which attempts to stop the hormone causing the damage from doing its work.

While AGA is pretty common in women as well,  it’s thought to be more common in men.

Sources: Wikipedia, WebMD, Heralopecia, emedicine)


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