Claw/Jaw Clips- The Perfect Hair Accessory for Anyone and Everyone!

With a leopard jaw clip or plaid butterfly clip, not only will you be dressed in style but you will love the comfort and practicality it provides!

Sticking to this seasons fall trends- there are many different stylish hair accessories that can be worn to really put together an entire outfit. If you are just not the kind of person to wear a leopard sweater or plaid shoes, try wearing a small hair accessory instead. Of course, we thought of the perfect accessory for you! With a leopard print jaw clip or plaid butterfly clip, not only will you be dressed in style but you will love the comfort and practicality it provides. Below we put together a few different ways and jaw clip (aka claw clip or butterfly clip) can be used.

1. Half Up:

You just got your hair done and don’t want to ruin it or you simply like to wear your hair down to give a dressy or put together look but you hair is flying all over your face due to the wind or any other reason? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Using a medium sized butterfly clip, put your hair half up (as in half a pony) and clip it in place. This will help your hair to stay out of your face still allowing you to keep your hair down without getting I ruined!

2. A pony:

You can’t handle having your hair down all the time and want to keep as comfortable as possible without having hair on your neck, however, you have to go to work and still look presentable and classy? Try wearing a fancy jaw clip to hold all your hair together and still allow you to look dressy! As for the size of the claw clip, it all depends on the thickness of your hair. If you have very thick hair – try a large jaw clip and if your hair is on the thinner side – definitely go for a medium sized clip.

3. To accessorize:

If your little ones hair is always in her face or she just loves having clips in her hair, try using tiny little butterfly clips in adorable colors such as lavender, pink, etc. to hold her hair up and out of her face. There are lots of ways to use these small clips but some of the most popular ways is to make them a side part, sweep their hair to the other side and hold it up with a clip or two. Or for an older kid, take their front bang or side bang and bring it up on top of their head to form a little bump and place a butterfly clip to hold it in place. Of course you can always try what we used to do in the good old days when we were kids and cover our heads with our entire butterfly clip collection to make it look like a plastic hat:)

4. A Bun:

For a very classy and grown up look, gather your hair together as if making a pony. Twist the pony a few times around into one big curl. Then, hold it up in the middle of your head and place a clip to hold it together or turn it around and around to form a bun and use a butterfly clip to hold it in place.

Of course, there is so much more that can be done with jaw clips. The moral of the story is Jaw clips are great to have on you at all times since they can actually hold your hair up in any way you like.


2 thoughts on “Claw/Jaw Clips- The Perfect Hair Accessory for Anyone and Everyone!

  1. I am looking for a claw/jaw clip I used to have. Rather than use it vertically, which is how most claws work, I could pull my hair into a low ponytail and use the clip horizontally. It didn’t really have any “claws” but it was hinged on one side. It was about 5″ from side to side which allowed my hair to fan out on either side of the clip – not hang straight down like a ponytail holder would. Anybody have any ideas of what this would be called and where I could find one?

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