What Would We Do Without Pony Holders?!

A scrunchie is a combination of the hair tie and the elastic. Its’ an elastic band covered by scrunched up fabric.

Pony tails or hair ties have always been a classic hair accessory to keep ones hair up. Styles come and go when it comes to hair accessories, but pony tails are always there and will always be around due to their comfort and practicality. Bet you never thought about when they originated, probably assuming they’ve just been around forever. But guess what- the pony tail we know today has not been around forever and just like everything else in life, it has a history of its own.

Of course, a method of holding ones hair up was always a necessity, so back in the days, women and children held their hair up with different fabrics or bands of leather. In order for them to stay in place and not to slip out every second the material was either tied tightly or held closed with a pin. While children wore adorable and colorful ribbons/ fabrics, women would never be seen in public with their hair up in such a casual manner up until it was popularized in the late 20th century.

As you can just imagine, this method was pretty time consuming and not so practical- which is why they had to come up with a faster and more practical way to make a hair tie. In the 1800’s, rubber was slowly starting to be used in many different garments such as shoes, gloves, etc. In the year of 1845, Mr. Stephen Perry came out with the elastic rubber band which people started using as pony tails. However, as you know, these kinds of rubber bands have a tendency to pull on hair resulting hair shedding and hair loss. Therefore, in the late 20th century they came out with the updated pony tail which was specifically designed to hold hair together in a comfortable manner. This elastic, which is the pony tail that we know today, was made of elastic and covered with a very thin fabric so as to not pull hair out.

What goes around comes around, which is why today we have something called a “Scrunchie”. A scrunchie is a combination of the hair tie and the elastic. Its’ an elastic band covered by scrunched up fabric. It comes in many different colors and fabrics for style and taste and is especially good to keep your hair up without leaving a “pony mark” behind.

Like I said, even pony tails have their own history and haven’t been around forever.  So take the time to appreciate all the practical hair accessories and head coverings that were created over time to help you be more comfortable and look your best at all times!

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