Now’s The Perfect Time to Send a Gift: Five Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Now that its Gift Season, bet you’re all wondering what to get for that special person. Trying to stick to a budget, head coverings and hair accessories are definitely your best shot since they can go from any price range and are very well priced. In addition, now that its winter, everyone is starting to stock up on their winter wardrobe; perfect timing to send someone a stylish and special winter head covering or hair accessory.

Gift Wrap your holiday gift.

Gift Wrap makes the perfect gift all the more perfect!

Below are some really great ideas for holiday gifts! There’s something for everyone!

1. For someone who doesn’t cover their hair/head, you may want to get them a warm winter hat since no one ever has enough of those in the winter! Of course, depending on the giftee’s age and stage you might want to try a nice piece of costume jewelry, hair accessory or a hot pair of air muffs!

2. If you are purchasing something for someone new at covering their hair, try something simple, basic and top quality to get them exciting about the whole “covering” thing. You may want to try a soft cotton pre-tied bandana, a crochet snood, an Israeli tichel or a cotton cap depending on their style. For those with hair loss, it’s best to try and stick to cotton head coverings since they allow air to go in and out therefore preventing them from getting sweaty.

3. For someone who’s been covering their hair for a while now, be daring and try to get them a head covering they never tried before. For example, if they are totally attached to caps, try buying them a pre-tied bandana or a chenille snood! Everyone likes to try something new, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it! Of course, try to stick to colors that she likes so that it shouldn’t be too different and scary to try.

4. If you are not sure which head coverings they would like, you can never go wrong with getting them practical things to wear under their head coverings. The Milano WiGrip is a band with grip to wear under a headscarf or wig to ensure security without giving headaches. In addition, for those with hair loss, the hidden height undercover is a fitted cotton hat with a little volume to wear under head scarves to give the illusion of hair.

5. Everyone loves a gift certificate! With a gift certificate they can choose their favorite items according to their style and taste- that way you know for sure you got them something they love! A gift certificate is better than money itself since they can only use it in that store and you are assured that they will buy themselves a gift and not use it on anything else.

You may want to throw in a little extra something to the gift package such as a personalized mug, a balloon, a teddy bear or anything else you think they will appreciate to give it an extra special touch. In addition, getting your present all wrapped up with quality gift wrap makes it all that more exciting, I mean wouldn’t you like to get a gift all wrapped up? Don’t forget to add a little note or card with your best wishes and make this gift memorable.

Hope these ideas help you out with your holiday gift shopping.

Good Luck!


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